GourMonday at Crustacean Beverly Hills

GourMonday at Crustacean Beverly Hills
Photograph: Courtesy Crustacean Beverly Hills

Mondays never looked so good. Starting on October 20 and repeating every third Monday of the Month, Crustacean Beverly Hills will feature GourMondays, an intimate event for diners who dare to venture off the regular menu. Held in a private dining room and limited to 20 guests, the pre-sold dinners revolve around a particular theme, allowing the chef to take risks while bringing diners along for the ride—and, happily, the food is paired with curated libations. Future GourMonday events will include pop-up chefs. While the price of each dinner varies, 20% of the proceeds always go towards a designated local non-profit. For reservations, call 310-205-8990.

Event phone: 310-205-8990
Event website: http://houseofan.com/wp/
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