Magnolia Bakery's Icing Classes

Magnolia Bakery Icing Classes
Photograph: Courtesy Magnolia Bakery Magnolia Bakery Icing Classes

Sure, many of us are professional consumers of sugary goodness. But just because we have a ferocious sweet tooth doesn’t mean we know the least bit about making these delightful creations. Luckily for us, Magnolia Bakery is stepping in and teaching us a thing or two about cupcake décor. Step up your cupcake game with Magnolia Bakery’s crash course to icing cupcakes at the West 3rd Street location. Learn how to make intricate floral designs, Halloween-themed creations, festive holiday cupcakes and filled cupcakes in a series of evening classes. Take home a box of six cupcakes of your own creation that are sure to impress. Each class focuses on perfecting a different technique and theme so make sure to check the lesson before signing up!

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