Photograph Courtesy Andrew Stuart Photography Oysterpalooza

Oyster lovers, set the date on your calendar and prepare to slurp your way to a fresh and briny bliss. Come March 10, The Hungry Cat will be celebrating its 9th anniversary with Oysterpalooza. These tiny, prized mollusks will be shucked to order at half the price, as chef David Lentz showcases the oyster’s versatility – grilled, pan-roasted and even deep-fried for a Louisiana favorite: po’ boys. Wash it down with a cocktail or two ($7 each) by the bar during the festival's all-day happy hour. Booze and oysters rarely come by on the cheap, so tighten those purse strings for now, reserve your spot, and indulge in this one-day special. 

By: Andrew Seah

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