Pizza Grilling Class at Cecconi’s

Pizza Grilling Class at Cecconi’s
Photograph: Courtesy Cecconi's

Bring a little flavor to the middle of your week with this artisanal pizza grilling class at Cecconi's in West Hollywood. Not your typical Tuesday night activity, the class features Cecconi's Chef de Cuisine Alessio Biangini and expert pizza chef David Vatran as they guide grillers through a titillating culinary escapade fraught with special za-crafting techniques, hands-on instruction and trade secrets. Finish off your evening with a complimentary Peroni and a tasting of the cheesey, doughy, saucy masterworks prepared. Bring a first date, a best friend or go stag—no matter who you're with, when the greatest food on earth is involved, things are bound to go smoothly. Book your spot now by emailing

By: Amanda Montell

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