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Rooftop Cinema Club
Photograph: Courtesy Rooftop Cinema ClubRooftop Cinema Club

Exclusive: Rooftop Cinema Club is back for a third season

Spend another season screening classics, cult favorites and new releases with Rooftop Cinema Club

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

The masters of al fresco rooftop movie viewing are returning for their third season of screenings, and have expanded to two locations: their original spot on the rooftop of the Montalbán in Hollywood, as well as the roof deck of LEVEL in Downtown. Known for excellent film choices and a steady supply of snacks and booze, Rooftop Cinema Club is your snazzy, comfortable and less stressful alternative to other outdoor movie screenings.

Taking full advantage of the Montalbán and LEVEL's rooftops; RCC promises to offer some of the most unique and incredible movie-going opportunities for film lovers throughout 2017, plus some pretty great rooftop views. You don't even need to bring your own blanket or camping chair—Rooftop Cinema Club provides you with your very own comfy lawn chair, as well as blankets on request for the ultimate cozy experience. And instead of listening to the movie over loudspeakers, you'll get a set of wireless headphones so you never have to miss a word.

The series is packed with a wide selection of audience favorites, kicking things off in April with Blade Runner on opening night, and hitting up everything from recent favorites like Moonlight to classics like Back to the Future and Sunset Boulevard in the weeks and months that follow.

General admission tickets are on sale now. Click the film title below to purchase general admission tickets for $19 or the brand-new Rooftop Loveseats for $29. Doors open at 6pm each night and screenings begin at sunset.

See you on the rooftops!

Friday September 1 at the Montalbán: The Nice Guys

Friday September 1 at LEVEL: Pulp Fiction

Saturday September 2 at the Montalbán: Saturday Night Fever (40th Anniversary)

Saturday September 2 at LEVEL: Resevoir Dogs 

Tuesday September 5 at the Montalbán: 10 Things I Hate About You

Tuesday September 5 at LEVEL: Casablanca (75th anniversary)

Wednesday September 6 at the Montalbán: Mean Girls

Wednesday September 6 at LEVEL: The Big Lebowski

Thursday September 7 at the Montalbán: Beverly Hills Cop

Thursday September 7 at LEVEL: Jurassic Park 

Friday September 8 at the Montalbán: Casablanca (75th Anniversary)

Friday September 8 at LEVEL: Memento

Saturday September 9 at the Montalbán: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Saturday September 9 at LEVEL: Inception

Tuesday September 12 at the Montalbán: Inception

Tuesday September 12 at LEVEL: Arrival 

Wednesday September 13 at the Montalbán: Arrival

Wednesday September 13 at LEVEL: The Lego Batman Movie

Thursday September 14 at the Montalbán: The Matrix 

Thursday September 14 at LEVEL: The Goonies

Friday September 15 at the Montalbán: The Terminator

Friday September 15 at LEVEL: Dirty Dancing

Saturday September 16 at the Montalbán: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Saturday September 16 at LEVEL: Top Gun

Tuesday September 19 at the Montalbán: The Godfather (45th anniversary)

Tuesday September 19 at LEVEL: The Terminator 

Wednesday September 20 at the Montalbán: La La Land

Thursday September 21 at the Montalbán: BØRNS presents: The Big Lebowski

Thursday September 21 at LEVEL: DoLA presents Con Air (1997)

Friday September 22 at the Montalbán: Dirty Dancing 

Friday September 22 at LEVEL: L.A. Confidential (20th Anniversary)

Saturday September 23 at LEVEL: La La Land

Saturday September 23 at the Montalbán: Wonder Woman

Tuesday September 26 at the Montalbán: Die Hard

Tuesday September 26 at LEVEL: Moonlight

Wednesday September 27 at the Montalbán: Pulp Fiction

Wednesday September 27 at LEVEL: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Thursday September 28 at the Montalbán: The Sixth Sense 

Thursday September 28 at LEVEL: Ocean's Eleven 

Friday September 29 at LEVEL: Wonder Woman 

Friday September 29 at the Montalbán: Armageddon  

Saturday September 30 at the Montalbán: The Fifth Element 

Saturday September 30 at LEVEL: Get Out


Monday October 2 at the Montalbán: Red Bull presents: Paradigm Lost

Tuesday October 3 at LEVEL: 10 Things I Hate About You

Tuesday October 3 at the Montalbán: La La Land

Wednesday October 4 at LEVEL: La La Land

Wednesday October 4 at the Montalbán: The Big Sick

Thursday October 5 at LEVEL: Back to the Future 

Thursday October 5 at the Montalbán: Jurrasic Park

Friday October 6 at LEVEL: Raiders of the Lost Ark 

Friday October 6 at the Montalbán: BAFTA presents: Mary Poppins 

Saturday October 7 at LEVEL: Goodfellas 

Saturday October 7 at the Montalbán: BAFTA presents: Selma

Tuesday October 10 at LEVEL: Labyrinth 

Tuesday October 10 at the Montalbán: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Wednesday October 11 at LEVEL: La La Land

Wednesday October 11 at the Montalbán: Wonder Woman

Thursday October 12 at LEVEL: The Princess Bride

Thursday October 12 at the Montalbán: Baby Driver

Friday October 13 at LEVEL: Wonder Woman

Friday October 13 at the Montalbán: Friday the 13th

Saturday October 14 at LEVEL: Baby Driver

Saturday October 14 at the Montalbán: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Tuesday October 17 at LEVEL: The Notebook 

Tuesday October 17 at the Montalbán: The Shining

Wednesday October 18 at LEVEL: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (40th anniversary 4K Edition)

Wednesday October 18 at the Montalbán: The Exorcist

Thursday October 19 at LEVEL: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Thursday October 19 at the Montalbán: Clue 

Friday October 20 at LEVEL: War for Planet of the Apes

Friday October 20 at the Montalbán: The Babadook

Saturday October 21 at LEVEL: Grease

Saturday October 21 at the Montalbán: Carrie

Tuesday October 24 at LEVEL: Hocus Pocus

Tuesday October 24 at the Montalbán: Beetlejuice

Wednesday October 25 at LEVEL: Poltergeist 

Thursday October 26 at the Montalbán: Death Becomes Her & Q&A

Thursday October 26 at LEVEL: Get Out 

Friday October 27 at the Montalbán: Scream

Friday October 27 at LEVEL: The Fly

Saturday October 28 at the Montalbán: Get Out

Saturday October 28 at LEVEL: Nightmare on Elm Street
Tuesday October 31 at the Montalbán: Halloween 
Tuesday October 31 at LEVEL: The Shining

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