Manson Family Vacation screening

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Manson Family Vacation screening
Photograph: Courtesy Manson Family Vacation Manson Family Vacation screening

Offspring of notorious murderer Charles Manson, Nick Morgan (played by Jay Duplass) and his adopted brother Conrad (played by Linas Phillips), embark on an unusual family road trip along dad’s old stomping grounds. And by stomping grounds, we mean the scene of the crime(s). An unlikely pair, a clean-cut Nick and impulsive Conrad mend their broken brotherhood in a darkly humorous tale of rediscovering a bloody past. Rumor has it J Davis, Jay Duplass, Tobin Bell, and Linas Phillips will be there in person. Moviegoers must register online for the screening, but not all registrations are guaranteed a seat. 

By: Danielle DiMeglio

Event phone: 323-655-2510
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