Pulp Fiction screening

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Pulp Fiction screening
Photograph Courtesy Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction screening

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Who can forget philosophical hitmen Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) and Vincent’s (John Travolta) now-infamous “royale with cheese” exchange in the car? It’s an iconic moment in a film filled with many that are commonly referenced during watercooler discussions—such is the cultural impact Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction has had since opening in 1994. Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and Harvey Keital star in this crime film that is equal parts neo-noir, operatic violence and black comedy. Whether it’s the duo’s ludicrious verbal barbs (that are matched by their on-screen hairstyles), the overflowing pop culture references, or the time-twisting non-linear narrative arc, the film’s idiosyncracies are loved by critics and fans alike.


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