Rooftop Cinema Club’s summer 2018 schedule is here

Spend another season screening classics, cult favorites and new releases with Rooftop Cinema Club

Photograph: Courtesy Kimmi Cranes

The masters of alfresco rooftop movie viewing have a surprise for their fourth season of screenings: a new location. In addition to screenings on the roof deck of LEVEL in Downtown L.A., Rooftop Cinema Club will now also show your favorite flicks atop the exclusive NeueHouse in Hollywood.

Scroll down and click on each film to buy tickets.

[Full disclosure: Time Out is the exclusive ticketing partner for Rooftop Cinema Club.]

Crossed out screenings are sold out.

Fri, June 1 at LEVEL: Coming To America

Sat, June 2 at LEVEL: The Greatest Showman

Tue, June 5 at LEVEL: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Wed, June 6 at LEVEL: Ghostbusters

Thu, June 7 at NeueHouse: Sunset Boulevard

Thu, June 7 at LEVEL: Reservoir Dogs

Fri, June 8 at NeueHouse: The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

Fri, June 8 at LEVEL: Cruel Intentions

Sat, June 9 at LEVEL: Moonlight

Sun, June 10 at NeueHouse: Black Panther

Tue, June 12 at NeueHouse: Grease

Tue, June 12 at LEVEL: Lost In Translation

Wed, June 13 at NeueHouse: Lady Bird

Wed, June 13 at LEVEL: The Shawshank Redemption

Thu, June 14 at NeueHouse: Pulp Fiction

Thu, June 14 at LEVEL: Romeo + Juliet

Fri, June 15 at LEVEL: Black Panther

Sat, June 16 at NeueHouse: Mean Girls

Sat, June 16 at LEVEL: The Shape Of Water

Sun, June 17 at NeueHouse: Back To The Future Part II

Mon, June 18 at NeueHouse: Thief (Violent Streets)

Tue, June 19 at NeueHouse: Cinema Paradiso

Tue, June 19 at LEVEL: Dazed And Confused

Wed, June 20 at NeueHouse: Rebel Without A Cause

Wed, June 20 at LEVEL: The Fifth Element

Mon, June 21 at NeueHouse: 10 Things I Hate About You

Thu, June 21 at LEVEL: Selena

Fri, June 22 at NeueHouse: Pretty Woman

Fri, June 22 at LEVEL: Top Gun

Sat, June 23 at NeueHouse: The Greatest Showman

Sat, June 23 at LEVEL: Baby Driver

Tue, June 26 at NeueHouse: Thelma & Louise

Tue, June 26 at LEVEL: Lady Bird

Wed, June 27 at NeueHouse: Black Panther

Wed, June 27 at LEVEL: Mulholland Drive

Thu, June 28 at LEVEL: The Notebook

Fri, June 29 at NeueHouse: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Fri, June 29 at LEVEL: The Big Lebowski

Sat, June 30 at NeueHouse: The Bodyguard

Sat, June 30 at LEVEL: Mean Girls

Crossed out screenings are sold out.

Sun, July 1 at NeueHouse: Singin' In The Rain

Mon, July 2 at NeueHouse: True Romance

Tue, July 3 at NeueHouse: Stand By Me

Tue, July 3 at LEVEL: Out Of Sight

Thu, July 5 at NeueHouse: Top Gun

Thu, July 5 at LEVEL: Stand And Deliver

Fri, July 6 at NeueHouse: The Shape Of Water

Fri, July 6 at LEVEL: Mystic Pizza

Sat, July 7 at NeueHouse: Coming To America

Sat, July 7 at LEVEL: The Breakfast Club

Sun, July 8 at NeueHouse: Call Me By Your Name

Tue, July 10 at LEVEL: Scream

Wed, July 11 at NeueHouse: Vertigo

Wed, July 11 at LEVEL: Memento

Thu, July 12 at NeueHouse: Clueless

Thu, July 12 at LEVEL: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Fri, July 13 at NeueHouse: Hocus Pocus

Fri, July 13 at LEVEL: The Lost Boys

Sat, July 14 at LEVEL: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Sun, July 15 at NeueHouse: Clue

Tue, July 17 at LEVEL: The Post

Wed, July 18 at NeueHouse: Lady Bird

Wed, July 18 at LEVEL: The Royal Tenenbaums

Thu, July 19 at LEVEL: The Devil Wears Prada

Fri, July 20 at NeueHouse: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Fri, July 20 at LEVEL: Leon: The Professional

Sat, July 21 at NeueHouse: TBA

Sat, July 21 at LEVEL: Moulin Rouge!

Sun, July 22 at NeueHouse: Frida

Mon, July 23 at NeueHouse: City Of God

Tue, July 24 at LEVEL: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Wed, July 25 at LEVEL: Pretty In Pink

Thu, July 26 at LEVEL: Sister Act

Fri, July 27 at NeueHouse: Isle of Dogs

Fri, July 27 at LEVEL: The Greatest Showman

Sat, July 28 at NeueHouse: Purple Rain

Sat, July 28 at LEVEL: La La Land

Sun, July 29 at NeueHouse: The Notebook

Mon, July 30 at NeueHouse: Romeo + Juliet

Tue, July 31 at LEVEL: Pulp Fiction

Known for excellent film choices and a steady supply of snacks and booze, Rooftop Cinema Club is your snazzy, comfortable and less stressful alternative to other outdoor movie screenings. You don’t need to bring your own blanket or camping chair—Rooftop Cinema Club provides you with your very own comfy lawn chair, as well as blankets on request for the ultimate cozy experience. And instead of listening to the movie over loudspeakers, you’ll get a set of wireless headphones so you never have to miss a word.

The series is packed with a wide selection of audience favorites, including classics like Reservoir Dogs and The Big Lebowski, lauded recent releases such as The Shape of Water and Lady Bird, and mega blockbusters, including Black Panter.

General admission tickets are on sale now; click the film title to purchase general admission tickets for $17.

Check out the full schedule above, and stay tuned for more screenings as the season goes on. See you on the rooftops!