Aaron Embry

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Aaron Embry
Photograph: Courtesy Aaron Embry Aaron Embry
We loved him as the pianist for Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and now, we're growing downright hypnotized by the new version of Aaron Embry—that is, the solo version with a mouth organ between his lips, an arch top tenor guitar in hand. Inspired by years of nomadic wayfaring, not to mention 2011’s unforgettable Railroad Revival Tour, in addition to a history of recording and touring with the likes of Elliott Smith and Willie Nelson, the multi-instrumentalist finally felt ready to strike out on his own path. The result? Tiny Prayers: a 10-track folk record, laden with simple song structures and dream-like acoustic stylings. Catch Aaron Embry and his smooth tunes at The Echo on July 9, before he becomes the indie music scene's next Bieber.
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