Andy D + Gnarbaby + Yip Deceiver

Andy D
Photograph: David Donovan Evans Andy D

Cheetah's always puts on good live shows (when there's an exotic dancer writhing on a pole during each set, how can you go wrong?), and this one is no different. Check out Yip Deceiver, Gnarbaby, and our favorite former local, Andy D. Part Har Mar Superstar, part Electric Six (he's shared the stage with both) and part pure magic, Andy D performs in jorts and little else. With the help of his lovely wife Victoria on supporting vocals and a funky, dance-y back beat, he sings about unicorns, wizards, vikings and rainbows—all with lots of gyrating and sexual innuendos. It's kind of insane, but he's a great musician and his tunes are as catchy as they are crazy. This is one weirdo not to be missed.

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