Coachella 2014: Localchella brings the best of the fest to LA

Can't make it out to Indio this year? You can still catch all the festival talent with this list of local concerts by Coachella 2014 artists. See the same big names, sans the $400 price tag and fringe-clad crowd.

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Foster the People

This LA trio named its new album Supermodel (because We Now Have the Same Personal Trainer as Adam Levine was too long)? In any case, there's a Drakkar Noir–y air hanging about the magazine-ready pop act. Cynicism has always played a key role in Mark Foster's sharp commercial hooks (see: the subversion of getting thousands to sing a hit song about mass shooters in "Pumped Up Kicks"), but the all-important follow-up material so far sounds increasingly bitter. "Coming of Age" ostensibly does all the things the big singles from Torches did, but it's unshakably more muted. As long as they throw some of the old stuff into this local show, these three should have us in palm of their hands as usual.

Until Tue Apr 8

The Knife

This oddball Swedish bro-sis electropop duo might still be best known for its bouncy 2003 synth banger, Heartbeats; but this year, they're serving up the dark and enchanting grooves from their 2013 album, Shaking the Habitual. Per their live shows, members Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer state their intention to "play with expectations, and question habits of the concert, the dance performance, the club and the music festival." Given Dreijers' history of mindfuckery (read: rhythmic gymnastics and hexagonal drums), we're inclined to take them at their word: look out Fox Theater Pomona.

09 Apr 2014


Jaunty Portland, OR, electropopsters STRFKR—formerly Starfucker, yes—flock to the Roxy (before their Coachella gig) behind their fourth album, Miracle Mile. The new record will undoubtedly feature their cover of Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," and we can't rule out the possibility of ridiculous costumes and/or balloons. Miracle Mile was recorded as a full band this time, as opposed to the previous solo efforts by STRFKR's founder Sexton Blake (aka Josh Hodges).

Until Thu Dec 31


Gothenburg, Sweden-based Goat is bringing their ace voodoo psychedelia to Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace. Remember in "2001: A Space Odyssey," when the primitive hominid tossed a bone and it turned into a space station? World Music, the group's 2011 debut, is exactly like that—except substitute a Fela LP, a fistful of Southeast Asian psych-funk and a ripping bong hit for the bone. Since then, they've put out four equally mind-altering EPs. Their live performances are one hell of an energetic, intense experience too—in addition to chanting over bongos and reverb-heavy, Middle Eastern-influenced riffs, they dress in colorful masks.

10 Apr 2014


Canadian electro funk do Chromeo has always come off as sort of a joke—a couple of smart-ass, horny teenagers. Their four studio albums are loaded with sexy legs, saxophones and Cameros. If they're not being ironic, then it's just plain dumb. But does that matter? Hard to say. The two have turned themselves into a kind of ZZ Top of retro-revivalism. After all, every girl is still crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man, even if modern standards of a sharp dressed man have dropped to the level of "dude that looks like a well-groomed car detailer holding a keytar." Check them out before they head off to perform at Coachella.

10 Apr 2014


"Killed By Death," "Ace Of Spades," "Bomber"–they're all gold-plated classics by this legendary English metal band. Over 35 years after their formation, Motörhead still rock faster, heavier and at a more deafening volume than most bands half their age. The group's 21st studio album, Aftershock, came out in 2013, and serves up sounds just as nasty and thrilling as ever. Respect.

Until Sat Aug 22


Scottish electropop trio Chvrches (pronounced “churches”) caused a serious stir with its single “The Mother We Share,” a shimmering, gothic synth cut that fuses singer Lauren Mayberry’s vulnerable Glaswegian vocals with corrugated samples. Last we checked, the group was still working out the kinks of its live show, but we’re hoping a slew of summer dates have whipped them into shape for this gig at The Glass House (right before they drive off for Coachella).

Until Mon Apr 14

Blood Orange

Fans of the musical wonders that were Test Icicles and Lightspeed Champion, rejoice: Devonté Hynes has again been reborn, and his new name is Blood Orange. Wistful, '90s inspired, R&B/chillwave is Blood Orange's forte, demonstrated perfectly in his 2013 album Cupid Deluxe, which features collaborations with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, Dirty Projectors' David Longstreth and Clams Casino. But frankly, we're surprised Hynes even has time to make his own music at all; along with writing songs for the likes of Solange, Florence + the Machine and Britney Spears, he also serves as a fashion consultant for Jay-Z's Rocawear. Check him out live before the Coachella fans.

Until Thu Aug 25

Kate Nash

Cheeky Londoner Kate Nash's smart-ass songs about boyfriend troubles (they'll act like dickheads, throw up on your footwear and so on) made her a star in her native land, in the mold of Lily Allen. Now the sassy songstress is playing behind her new, fan-financed third album, Girl Talk, which takes her hooky pop in a grittier direction. Colleen Green will open for Nash, whose performance at the Roxy is en route to Coachella.

Until Mon Apr 14


The U.K.’s Simon Green is the man behind Bonobo, the Ninja Tune recording persona responsible for some very left-field down-tempo material; he plays a mix of sounds that range from hip-hop and funk to psych rock and drum ’n’ bass. During this set at the Glass House (and his upcoming Coachella gig), you'll hear from a new disc, The North Borders.

Until Wed Sep 27
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