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Coachella 2015: Word on the street

The silliest shit we overheard at Coachella this year

By Kate Wertheimer and Time Out editors |

We overhear enough crazy things in Los Angeles, but at Coachella? Are you people listening to yourselves? Well don't worry, we are. Here are some real gems from the weekend.

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You got a selfie with David Hasselhoff? Panty dropper, dude!

I don't use Apple maps. I'm lost enough in life as it is.

"I'm from Utah." "Cool! Are you Mormon?" "Oh yeah, I'm a big polygamist."

My texts will send, but my SnapChats won't. It's extremely detrimental… to my… self.

WHAT are the odds that R. Kelly will come onstage with Jack White??

"That was an accidental selfie." "I don't believe you."

Tame Impala? They're just another one of those MGMT bands.

Did you do the pills or did you do the drink?

Walking through a music festival is like playing Frogger.

"So are you gonna have sex with me tonight?" "[Big sigh] Maybe."

Will. Will. Will, I have a great idea for an app.

You know, you've got your brain brain, your heart brain, your gut brain and your ass brain.

You're tan as fuck! Bitch.

What was he on? Was he on sober or was he on drugs?

"Oh my god, both my dogs are getting old, I need to spend more time with my dogs!" "What about your parents?" "Fuck my parents."

Daaaamn, all my UCLA bros are in here right now.

I'm white, you know? I botch all non-white names.

Nobody touch my fucking face. I get real weird about it.