Dum Dum Girls

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Dum Dum Girls
Photograph: James Orlando, courtesy Dum Dum Girls Dum Dum Girls

Simultaneously sunny-and-gothy L.A. surf-rockers Dum Dum Girls play riffy, colorful rock behind the vocals of lead singer Dee Dee on their latest Sub Pop release, Too True. Started in 2008 as Dee Dee Penny’s bedroom project, the Dum Dum Girls' sound has evolved, with songs built on the bare-bones structures of ’60s girl groups, and fleshed out with 21st-century malaise. Siouxsie Sioux casts a long, lacy shadow over the gritty gloss of the new material, and the result is a dreamy, poppy gem, albeit one that feels ever so slightly darker and less girl-groupy than its predecessors.

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