Roadshow Revival Fest

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Roadshow Revival Fest
Photograph: Courtesy Roadshow Revival Fest Roadshow Revival Fest

If you’re Johnny Cash fan-hood runs deep and true, mark your calendars for the ultimate weekend tribute fest June 27-28. Throw back a cold beer while listening to outlaw-country and rockabilly bands rock the stage all day long, as well as Johnny Cash tribute acts at Ventura's Mission Park (185 E Santa Clara St). Saddle up for a drool-worthy custom car and bike line-up, pin-up girl pageant, Johnny Cash memorabilia gallery, VIP lounge and good old-fashioned grub. Hungry for more Johnny Cash-infused fun? When you’re not checking out a classic pair of wheels, browse through a myriad of unique vendors and let the youngsters hang out at the Kid’s Corral. Tickets run from $5-$200 with a two-day pass special offering at $40.

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