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Photograph: Ben Rayner

Everyone reunites—it's human nature—so it's no surprise that Sleater-Kinney is back. But few comebacks are so welcome. The Sleater-Kinney trio trashes and swings with a two-guitar attack, offering a sound that is growing more and more uncommon. We're not only talking unfiltered rock, but also a headline act of all women. Corin, Carrie and Janet quietly recorded a noisy new album, No Cities to Love, released earlier this year. And a funny thing happened in the band's hiatus—Carrie, once the secondary singer, is now indisputably the frontwoman, thanks to her surprising career as a television star. Thanks to Portlandia, it is her voice you hear up front in new single "Bury Our Friends." But what makes S-K really roar is the work of all three voices combined.

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