SSMF 2014 quiz: Real bands or ones we made up?

Think you know a real band name when you see one? After this year's Sunset Strip Music Fest, we kinda doubt it.
Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014: Day 1
Photograph: Kate Wertheimer Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014: Day 1
By Jakob Layman and Kate Wertheimer |

Music festival bills can be tough. Sure, everyone knows the headliners, but when you get to the bottom of the optometry chart, the acts can even leave professional critics scratching their heads. Not to mention that SSMF books a healthy amount of punk and metal acts alongside the regular old rock & roll—genres which usually make for even more interesting monikers.

Take our quiz and see if you tell which of the following bands actually played at this year's fest, and which we made up during an exhaustion-induced fugue state after the show.


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