Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Blues Traveler & Uncle Kracker

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Sugar Ray
Photograph: Courtesy Sugar Ray Sugar Ray

This year's Under the Sun tour features a holy four-piece troupe of 90s alt rock heroes. This August, open your walkman-shaped time capsule to release such meteoric hits as Sugar Ray's Ska sensation "Fly," Smash Mouth's bouncy punk anthem "All Star," Blues Traveler's harmonica-laden wonder hit "Run Around" and Uncle Kraker's feel-good country pop earworm "Follow Me." Expect the Greek to max out its 6,000-seat capacity with nostalgic late 20-to-early-30-somethings, all belting their bucket hat-wearing, Air Jordans-sporting, frosted tipped little hearts out. Stay tuned for ticket sales to begin.

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