The hottest cowboys (and girls) of Stagecoach 2015

Stagecoach was brimming with babes this weekend—here are some of the festival's finest

 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerThese boys were like a sweet, symmetrical mirror image of each other—they even had their walk synchronized.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerTheir enthusiasm for Stagecoach, America and getting their photo taken was overwhelming.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerBelieve us, we saw a lot worse-looking thigh and ass this weekend. These two, though, were the perfect patriotic poster couple.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerWho wears short jorts? This guy.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerIs that a smartphone in your pocket or are you just happy to be at Stagecoach? Heyo!
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerWe heard about ten dudes say "God bless America" in the time it took to take this photo.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerThe GoPro Stetson, a new American classic.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerTo be fair, these two were advertising their company, which sells belt buckle wallets... which we were more than happy to inspect up close.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerSo many #StagecoachSelfies this weekend.
 (Photograph: Kate Wertheimer)
Photograph: Kate WertheimerThe duck makes this cowboy so endearing! Like he actually lives on a farm or something.

Who needs a shirt when you've got cowboy boots and a Stetson? Muscley dudes and bikini-clad ladies abound at most every festival, but the southern style at Stagecoach sets these cowboys and girls apart. Yeehaw!

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