The Orwells + Twin Peaks

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The Orwells
Photograph Courtesy The Orwells The Orwells

Given their punk-rock influences and angsty, sneering vocals, you might think that The Orwells have been channeling their inner teen spirit for the past decade. But the truth is, these Chicago-based rockers are relatively new to the music scene. Their first studio album, Remember When, was released in 2012 and they were most recently seen busting riffs and smashing drums at Lollapalooza 2013. This isn’t the bubblegum and fairy dust affair that you might expect from Katy Perry or Justin Bieber. These are five dudes from Chicago who are stuck in the adolescence and simply want to rock. With up-and-coming outfits Twin Peaks and Criminal Hygiene opening proceedings, Angeleno rock lovers should get ready to headbang the night away. 

By: Andrew Seah

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