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Twilight Concerts
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Each year, this free summer concert series wows with local, up-and-coming talent that concert-goers are already bragging they saw "back when." Each Thursday from July through September, Santa Monica Pier hosts live music that's 100% free. Pack a picnic, arrive early to get a spot on the sand near the speakers and enjoy, as the sunset sets with crashing waves in the distance—it's a quintessential L.A. music experience and one of the best parts about summers in L.A. 




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3 out of 5 stars
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What a disappointment.  I live in Santa Monica, headed down to see the Psych Furs on the beach, right off the pier.  Tons of people, but you could not hear the music.  At all!  So we left, and at Loew's, could hear quite well.  Bonus, no crowds with obnoxious smoke and the stench of beer, either.  I'll not go back, and I'll also be petitioning the city to stop these concerts.  If only a handful of people directly in front of the band can hear, why should I, as a taxpayer, pay for these concerts?  And note to LA Hipsters: remove your mess from the beach, your mom doesn't live here, you are a grown up now.  Your concern for the environment is underwhelming.  Go home if you can't clean behind you, just go.

I've been a fan of the Twilight concerts for quite some time. What could be better than free music by the beach? I've seen multiple artists at these shows, but it seems that this summer, the concerts have taken off like no other. I tried to see Mayer Hawthorne at the first Twilight Concert of this season, but imagine my disappointment when I arrived at the pier only to be turned away from the show area because it was at capacity. Obviously, that's on me for not getting to the beach as early as possible, but still!. I didn't even know that was a thing that could happen. All that tells me is that marketing has done a great job at getting the word out about these concerts and that if you want to enjoy one, you best get there AT LEAST a couple hours early. The downside to that is for the typical working person, making it to Santa Monica before 5 pm is often not feasible. Still, free music is free music, and, provided I can work it into my schedule, I'll definitely try to make it to one of these shows again.

You can really tell that Snapchat worked hard to pimp this venue.

Which is both a good and a bad thing.

Good outcome: this year lineup is really steamy, ranging from Børns to Mavis Staples, so yes, they really made a great job hosting great artists and making it such a diverse choice that's gonna make everybody happy.

So last week it felt like a Coachella for normal people, with all these hipster girls mixing nicely with the usual crowds of recurring lovers( yes, the ones who come SO prepped with lounge chairs, picnic blankets, fried chicken, pets, coffee mugs and, God bless them, gallons of water), and I am curious to see what kind of an audience this Thursday Psychedelic Furs will bring in.

BIG DOWNSIDE: Snapchat is EVERYWHERE!, forcing you into a game you didn't necessarily want to be a part of.

Got a kid? They got you covered, with a FREE candy-booth that's gonna buy them right away.

Or, more sadistically, they offer a human-sized hamster wheel so you can snap the precious moment when you act like an idiot and feel like it's a fun thing to do.

This was actually the lowest example of human stupidity willing to show off, it really kinda shocked me to see a line of people waiting to take their turn and become a public shade to human intelligence and independent thought.

This said, Chapeau to Snapchat because I can tell how much of a success resides in knowing how obtuse we can get, while  actually making a sweet amount of zillions out of it.

Somehow, it also feels like the artists themselves are an optional frame to some perverse mind game which is just testing human brains on a different level, a level that is made available for free, right there and right away.

Which is too bad, because yes, these concerts are awesome, entertaining, happening under a stunning evolving sky and, beautifully enough, they are FREE.

So watch out for the Snapchat hypnosis and go straight to the core, for it's gonna be lit.

Last night the " rappers " who performed where horrible, ghetto and cursing ! What a disappointment and not good for family to bring the kids.........

This year's musical lineup is really enticing---looking forward to checking out some old (and hopefully new!) favorites!