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5 things no one tells you about winter in LA

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Kyndell Fellows

Angelenos get a bit of a bad rap when it comes to the chilly seasons. Whether it’s an East Coaster telling us we don’t know anything about cold weather or Jimmy Kimmel throwing snowballs at Los Angeles beach-goers, most people assume that winter simply doesn’t happen here. I’m here to tell you what no one else will: We have winter, people!

Here are five things that you may not know about winter on the best coast.

1. It actually does get cold. Well, sort of.

I know, I know. It’s Los Angeles, and on TV it looks like it has perfect weather 24/7. Not quite. Our temperatures may not reach New York level numbers, but when it drops to 60 and 50 degrees, be prepared to put away the bikinis and sandals and dust off that coat in the back off your closet.

2. Winter in LA is one moody son of a… nutcracker.

Ever heard of El Niño? It’s not uncommon to wake up in LA during January and see nothing but gloomy clouds and maybe a light drizzle that makes you break out the scarves and long johns. It’s also not unlikely to head out in the afternoon on the same day and wonder why you're sweating bullets under a blazing sun that was nowhere to be found three hours earlier. 

3. Questionable wardrobe will be in full effect.

We don’t care if you don’t understand our clothing choices. Since winter is not our biggest concern, how to dress for it isn’t either. So stop judging the girls who have on Ugg boots, a tank top and a scarf, or the guy who wears sandals and socks to the beach. We’re sorry we don’t know how to handle the wind chill or cold sand under our feet.

4. It's going to rain, and it's going to be a big deal.

Having lived in both New York and LA, I still ponder why rain is such an “event” when it happens in Los Angeles. Maybe because it's rare and shakes up the norm a bit, but it is definitely always a trending topic. Next time it's raining in LA, get on social media and I guarantee you’ll see a bunch of posts about the rain, people in the rain, cuddle time during the rain, pictures of raindrops, wearing rain boots or all of the above.

5. Even in LA, you can still enjoy the fruits of winter’s labor.

Snow may not be in your backyard, but you can still enjoy cliché wintertime activities. There are winter festivities everywhere in LA—you just have to find them. If you're itching for snow, head to The Grove for the annual snow show, or take a weekend trip to the mountains to hit the slopes. If you want the frozen pond that you’re used to from back home, hit one of the ice skating rinks set up around the holidays. Trust me, a hot toddy afterward will be the best idea you’ve had in a long time.

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