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All Black Lives Matter
Photograph: Shutterstock

A permanent All Black Lives Matter mural is being painted on Hollywood Boulevard

The mural will mark a demonstration on June 14 that attracted an estimated 40,000 Angelenos.

Michael Juliano

An estimated 40,000 people marched down Hollywood Boulevard on June 14 to take a stand against racism as part of a Black and trans-inclusive LGBTQ+ demonstration. While the sight of Angelenos making their voices heard was the most powerful image from that afternoon, an “All Black Lives Matter” mural that spanned an entire block of the Walk of Fame was easily right behind it. Now, a version of that mural is set to become a permanent part of the street.

Starting today, August 24, work will begin to install a permanent decorative street design to commemorate the All Black Lives Matter march. According to an announcement from councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, the new mural will closely resemble the original but it’ll be smaller and “safer for vehicular traffic.” The mural will sit on Hollywood Boulevard between Orange Drive and Highland Avenue, and is a project in partnership with Black LGBTQ+ Activists for Change (BLAC), StreetsLA and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT).

All Black Lives Matter
Courtesy Department of Public Works/Luckie Alexander

In anticipation of the All Black Lives Matter March on June 14, over 700 feet of Hollywood Boulevard was covered with letters painted in the colors of the trans, nonbinary and LGBTQ+ pride flags. City workers had already begun to scrub the mural the following week when O’Farrell announced that he’d halted its removal in order to work with march organizers and the community on a permanent solution.

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a motion for the new, permanent mural on August 19. According the city’s summary, the mural will be installed within the “pocket lane median area” on Hollywood Boulevard. Translation: Expect it to fill the center lane (a blank space between two double yellow lines at both ends of the street’s turning lanes) between the Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre. The city also approved the transfer of $20,000 to the Bureau of Street Services to make the project a reality. In addition, O’Farrell announced the installation of a street sign that marks the date of the march at the intersection.

For the mural’s installation, Hollywood Boulevard will be closed to traffic from Orange Drive to Highland Avenue, from Monday, August 24 through Sunday, August 30.

UPDATE: Take a look at the completed mural below.

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