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Four legal ways you can add cannabis into your beauty and wellness routines

Written by
Juliet Bennett Rylah

As Californians become more comfortable with cannabis, many wellness and beauty companies are experimenting with the plant, too. Studies have already indicated cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, may have anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for numerous skin conditions, and may aid with pain relief. If your interest is piqued, here are some local options for adding cannabis into your daily wellness routines.


At Lit Yoga Studio, each 75-minute class begins with a 15-minute tea ceremony, during which participants may consume cannabis in a variety of forms. According to Hannah Mason, who founded Lit with Julian Brand in May of 2017, “Cannabis has a quality that brings people internal and more into their bodies, so we allows [students] to be more present with their bodily sensations.” Guests leave with a small cannabis gift—perhaps a pre-rolled joint or an edible—for use with their practice at home. Lit Yoga Studio is located at a private address in Venice, which will be revealed to students after booking a class. Single classes are $25, or $150 for an unlimited monthly pass.

Photograph: Courtesy Lit Yoga Studio


Nail salon Bellacures began offering cannabis mani-pedis at their numerous locations in late 2017. Canna-cures are enhanced with CBD-infused KushQueen products, including a CBD bath bomb, scrub and “melt” pain relief lotion. The latter is applied via massage and leaves behind a relaxing tingling sensation, thanks in part to menthol and capsicum.

Photograph: Courtesy Bellacures

Expect to feel loose and limber, especially if you deal with achy wrists and hands from frequent typing—but remember that CBD (as well as THC applied topically) won’t get you high. The service concludes with the polish color of your choice. Manicures are $50 and pedicures are $55. Both services can be booked online at any of Bellacures’ six L.A. locations.

Salves & Lotions

For those looking to moisturize and relieve pain, a topical salve or lotion might do the trick. Bridgett Davis, founder of Big Momma’s Legacy, uses recipes perfected by her great-grandmother—a.k.a. Big Momma—then incorporates the whole cannabis plant. Black pepper, turmeric and sage give the products a pleasant savory scent and cause a warming sensation when applied. Davis said many of her clients are older women who are not inclined to visit a dispensary, but who are introduced to cannabis’ benefits via her topicals. “That’s the beauty of this plant. She will grow and walk with you for the rest of your life, if you accept her,” Davis says.

Photograph: Courtesy Big Momma’s Legacy

Body butters, lotions, lip balms, and bubble bath can also be ordered via High Gorgeous, Yummi Karma’s beauty line. Though High Gorgeous only launched in January 2017, Communications Director Alysia Sofios said the demand grew tenfold towards the end of the year. Colorful pop art packaging and alluring fragrances, like the vanilla-scented High Sugar and the tropical Pina Co-Canna, appeal to cannabis neophytes and regular users alike. “We make our topicals look, smell and feel like what you would find in Bath & Body Works,” she says. Their high-CBD, fragrance-free Plain Jane may work for those seeking a topical for pain, and Sofios says customers frequently layer Plain Jane and Pina Co-Canna, which contains THC and THCA, together. High Gorgeous’ ultimate goal is to open up a cannabis beauty store and salon in Los Angeles.

Face Oils & Serums

A lot of cannabis aficionados are adding infused oils and serums into their skincare routines. According to Janet Schriever of Crave, she uses a “ton of different botanicals,” of which CBD is “that added, extra thing that made this product line really great.” In particular, she believes that CBD is the ingredient that’s helped keep her rosacea at bay. She offers oil- and water-based cleansers, serums and balms, though a popular combo is to layer her Virgin Skin and Salvation serums.

For whole-plant serums, try Humboldt-headquartered Kiskanu. Their Face Oil contains Rose Geranium, Calendula and Wild Carrot, plus THC. Founding Partner Gretchen Miller says the oil is “super moisturizing” and “full of antioxidants” and may help with muscle tension, blemishes and inflammation. The oil glides on smooth and has a soft, earthy scent. Kiskanu also makes topical salves, suppositories, and a personal lubricant, in addition to selling flower, concentrates and tinctures.

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