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Humphry Slocombe is bringing beer ice cream to Venice. Yes, really.

Beer ice cream at Humphry Slocombe in Los Angeles Venice
Photograph: Courtesy Humphry Slocombe

Mankind’s dreamt of some incredible innovations, but we’re surprised that the blending of beer and ice cream isn’t right there in the history books with the aqueducts and the automobile. This sweet-savory, booze-tinged (but not get-you-buzzed) alcoholic concoction is fun in theory and usually quality in execution, so when Humphry Slocombe announces they’re bringing beer ice cream to their L.A. scoop shop for 10 days, well, we’re there.

The Bay Area ice cream company is celebrating San Francisco Beer Week with a few flavor collabs up north, and starting tomorrow, we’ll be able to enjoy them here, too. From February 1 to 10, the Abbot Kinney shop will offer the full range of flavors, including ice cream swirled with the likes of rosé beer and another with smoked hops.

And because this is Humphry Slocombe, a brand that likes to lean into the bizarre, flavors also include, oh, chocolate-covered potato chips.

There’s the Oolong Saison, which combines Barebottle Brewing’s oolong-tea saison with pear ice cream; the Anchor Porter with Fluff and Cookies, wherein ice cream made with Anchor Brewing’s porter meets chocolate wafer cookies and marshmallow fluff; the Coffee & Cigarettes, named for and made with Cellarmaker Brewing’s smoked-hops coffee porter—this flavor uses a base of coffee ice cream and peppers it with chipped chocolate; and the Fish & Chips, where an ice cream featuring Hen House Brewing’s red rye saison also involves Goldfish crackers and those aforementioned chocolate-covered potato chips for a sweet-salty twist.

Those looking for something a little lighter will probably find it in the Drake’s Brut Rosé, where the rosé beer from Drake’s Brewing gets swirled into ice cream with lemon zest; or the Animal IPA, which combines Fort Point Brewing’s IPA with hop caramel, plus mango, orange and passion fruit.

OK, Humphry Slocombe—now do L.A. brewery collabs next.