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There’s a cannabis wedding expo coming to L.A.

Juliet Bennett Rylah

For couples looking to incorporate a little greenery into their weddings, the Cannabis Wedding Expo promises to be a one-stop wedding planning destination.

Co-founders Philip Wolf and Bec Koop launched the Cannabis Wedding Expo (CWE) in Denver in 2016 with about 30 vendors and 300 attendees, before also expanding to San Francisco in 2017. On March 3, the expo will come to the Los Angeles area for the first time.

Both Wolf and Koop are entrepreneurs with experience working in Colorado dispensaries. Wolf founded culinary cannabis company Cultivating Spirits, while Koop is the co-owner of Irie Wedding and Events with CWE partner Madlyne Kelly. Wolf says that when he and Koop met, she was making cannabis bouquets, but often found herself unable to participate in traditional wedding expos or, at times, being charged more than other vendors. So, the pair thought, why not start their own 420-friendly expo?

Photograph: Courtesy Cannabis Wedding Expo

Previous expos have been well-attended, with couples expressing a desire to bring marijuana into their celebration for a variety of reasons.

“In a lot of relationships, [cannabis] is one of their bonding pastimes,” Wolf says. “Couples come together at the end of a long day and [consume together], so there’s that unification aspect.”

Even if couples aren’t daily smokers (or vapers, dabbers or otherwise consumers), Wolf says many couples are beginning to see cannabis as an additional option for their guests. After all, it’s common to have wine or cocktails at a wedding, often to excess. So, in a state where adult use is legal, it’s hard to argue against the more mellow vibe of a so-called ‘bud bar’ or infused desserts. Wolf says he’d enjoy cannabis at his own future wedding more than booze, largely because it meshes with his personal preferences and because he sees cannabis as a conversation starter.

Wolf says so far, he’s noticed popular trends including cannabis bouquets, boutonnières, and table settings; cannabis rituals among friends while getting ready for the ceremony; cannabis-infused foods; and cannabis gifts, including joints and edibles, for wedding guests.

Photograph: Courtesy Cannabis Wedding Expo

Among the expo’s 50-plus vendors will be a mix of those services and products, both cannabis-focused and traditional. Attendees may peruse dresses or sample non-infused food and beverages from caterers, but they’ll also run into products like My Bud Vase—essentially, a vase that’s perfect for a table centerpiece, but that’s also been repurposed as a smoking device. The Flower Daddy will also be in attendance with their floral crowns and bouquets, of which cannabis can be a component. Service vendors may include 420-friendly venues and event planning services.

“You could truly plan your entire wedding [at the expo] if you needed to,” Wolf says.

Expo attendees will also be treated to live music (we’re hoping for a band that will cover Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” frankly), gift bags and a photo booth. Though the expo is for guests 21 and over only, there will be no on-site consumption of cannabis at the event. So while there will be food and beverage samples, none of them will contain cannabis.

The Cannabis Wedding expo takes place Saturday, March 3 from 11am to 3pm at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City. Tickets are $10 in advance, or $15 at the door.

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