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This news is fire (sauce): Taco Bell is opening a hotel in Palm Springs in August

Stephanie Breijo

Think of the most famous hotel you can, real or fake: Is it the Overlook? Hotel California? L.A.'s own Chateau Marmont? Whatever popped into your head, it might soon take second place to one of the world's premier fast-food chains. That's because this August, the marketing geniuses at Taco Bell—they of Diablo sauce, the Demolition Man pop-up restaurant and "Fourth Meal" fame—are taking over a hotel in Palm Springs in what's sure to be their most sun-dappled and leisure-packed pop-up to date. 

Grab your shades and maybe some antacids because The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, opens its doors on August 9 at a for-now undisclosed location, and promises a full hotel experience, plus "new menu surprises" in addition to the glorious, beloved abominations we can't get enough of (see also: Crunchwrap Supremes, Mexican pizzas, Doritos Locos Tacos, nacho fries—we could go on). 

There'll be poolside cocktails, breakfasts, daily happy hour, not to mention "Bell" hops and all the other branded accoutrement to make it "the flavor-filled getaway of 2019." Lounge atop an inflatable hot sauce packet while snacking on a soft taco. Is this what living más feels like? Truly, it must be.

If you want to look like the taco influencer (taco-encer? saucefluencer?) you clearly are, you'll even be able to head to an onsite salon, where you'll sit down for some Taco Bell-inspired nail art or get your hair done with taco-inspired fades and hair braiding. 

If you're not sure what to pack for your stay, the brand recently launched a new summer line of taco-themed merch that includes colorful beach umbrellas; waterproof pool speakers emblazoned with a trio of sauce packets; velour beach towels; sauce-packet bikinis and swim trunks; and, of course, hot-sauce pool floats. Will these be the same pool floats drifting listlessly through the cool waters of The Bell's pools? Probably. Will you be able to purchase some of these items onsite? Most definitely. 

Though undisclosed in Taco Bell's announcement, CNN is reporting the hotel will run for only five nights. Reservations for the 18+ pop-up begin next month, and if you want a tip off on when they're live, you can sign up for notifications and updates here.

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