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We want to know how you feel about living in L.A. in 2017

Los Angeles skyline
Photograph: Courtesy Henning Witzel

Hey, Angelenos. We want to know how you really feel about city living in 2017.

From London to Los Angeles, Tel Aviv to Tokyo and Mexico City to Melbourne, Time Out has always celebrated the magic of cities. Now, as we approach our fiftieth birthday in 2018, we want to work out how that magic happens.

The Time Out City Life Index is our investigation into the reality of city living today. We want to discover what makes cities great, how city-dwellers feel about their home town, and which are the best neighborhoods right now for going out, having fun and living city life to the fullest.

This is your chance to tell us all about your life in L.A. What do you love about living here? What frustrates you? Is it affordable? Is it a traffic nightmare? And where are the best places for dancing all night, finding great food or making new friends?

Help us find out by taking just a few minutes to complete the Time Out City Life Index survey. It’s fully anonymous, so be honest! And once you’re done, we’ll reveal which city in the world you should live in.