Mondays with Mommy Choi

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Mondays with Mommy Choi
Photograph: Courtesy Feastly
Ever wondered what Chef Roy Choi ate growing up? Join Feastly Arts District and Mommy Choi as she cooks up a Korean family-style comfort food feast featuring her new line of Mommy Sauces. Enjoy dishes such as swai jeon (fish pancake) with zucchini; Korean galbi with kimchi Caesar salad; spicy chicken skewers with Korean glass noodles and more. In addition, you'll get the chance to pick up your choice from the line of sauces, which includes spicy bulgogi, kimchi and “magic sauce” for $5—all normally retailing for $12.95. Once you purchase your $45 ticket, you'll be given access to the event's top-secret location, and from there, it's nothing but a Korean feast with Feastly and Mommy Choi.
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