Valentine's Day Dinner at La Boheme

Valentine's Day Dinner at La Boheme
Photograph: Courtesy Ethan Pines Valentine's Day Dinner at La Boheme

Nothing exudes amorous ambiance like a grand inviting fireplace, decadent chandeliers, romantic red hues, and a French-style outdoor jardin. If ever there was a recipe for crafting a dreamy, love-igniting space, La Boheme knows just the right ingredients—and not just with interior decor, but also with a mouth-watering three-course menu, which includes a series of course options like ono crudo, filet of beef with lobster mashed potatoes, artichoke ravioli, and a chocolate caramel kiss. Indulge in a charmingly curated Valentine’s Day dinner for $79 and reserve a spot under the frosty crystals or moonlit patio.

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