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  1. Orange Is the New Black Pornstache, $54, Orange is the New Black Red, $32, both at

  2. Oktoberfest beer maid, $50, Mr. Oktoberfest, $40, both at

  3. Hot diggity hot dog, $30, spicy mustard, $30, both at

  4. Men’s Ghostbuster, $39, women’s sexy Ghostbuster, $49, both at

  5. Lady Venetian, $70, gentleman Venetian, $70, both at

  6. Beachside Clyde 20s, $40, Beachside Bettie 20s, $40, both at

  7. Day of the Dead señorita, $50, Day of the Dead sombrero señor, $50, both at

  8. Women’s Viking, $35, men’s Viking, $39, both at

  9. He-Man, $49, She Ra, $69, both at

  10. The Walking Dead Sheriff Rick Grimes, $50, The Walking Dead little girl zombie, $55,  both at

  11. High school horror zombie cheerleader, $39, high school horror zombie quarterback, $50, both at

Best couples costumes for 2014

Paired up this Halloween? These clever couple costumes won't make your single friends gag (maybe)


Last Halloween, it was the "twerking Miley" and Robin Thicke duo that was all the rage—all the costume stores had a version. Now that Thicke has vanished into the ether, which couple costumes will show up to every Halloween party this year? A fist-fighting Solange and Jay Z? Shia LaBeouf with a bag over his head and girlfriend Mia Goth?  If it were up to us, Orange Is the New Black costumes, like the ones we include here, will be everywhere. Get inspired here and pick one of LA's best Halloween parties to show it off, or keep it PG at one of the city's best family-friendly Halloween events.

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