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  1. Yoda hat, $20 at

  2. Animal Planet peacock costume, $14.49–$22.73 at

  3. Tinkerbell fairy costume, $19 at

  4. Dapper dog costume, $17 at

  5. Wonder Woman costume, $40 at

  6. Royal dog crown and cape set, $88 at

  7. Dinosaur costume, $30.38 at

  8. Taco costume, $10 at

  9. Lion costume, $65 at

  10. Horse costume, $43 at

  11. Animal Planet raptor costume, $13.49–$21.65 at

  12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello costume, $18 at

  13. Harry Potter costume, $47.50 at

  14. Police costume, $17 at

  15. Pumpkin costume, $26 at

  16. Joker hoodie, $22 at

These dog Halloween costumes will destroy you with cute

Dog Halloween costumes seem to get cuter every year, so there's no excuse not to erase your dog's dignity with these get-ups


There's no reason Halloween has to be a strictly human holiday—unless you want to be shown up by your dog, that is. Because these dog Halloween costumes put their person-sized costumes to shame (the only thing possibly cuter: kids' costumes). If you don't mind being outclassed by a tiny, furry Yoda, check out these outfits for the small or large dog in your life.

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