Light & Noir Holiday Pop Up Shop

Skirball Holiday Pop Up Shop
Photograph: Courtesy Skirball Museum Skirball Holiday Pop Up Shop

If your fascination with classic film noir stretches beyond the screen and into your wardrobe, this may be your new one-stop-shop. As a nod to the Skirball Museum’s new exhibition Light & Noir: Exiles and Emigres in Hollywood from 1933-1950, the Cultural Center is opening a film noir and Art Deco inspired pop up boutique. Shop iconic vintage clothing and accessories from film noir inspired dealers like Clever Vintage Clothing, Louise Green Millinery, Shiraleah, Lulu Frost, Paz Sintes, and more. Film junkies can indulge in movie trivia T-shirts, antiques and reproductions from classic scenes, custom jewelry (like a femme fatale-inspired Black Poison Necklace from Hyper Haute or a reproduced vintage brooch from legendary jewelry designer Miriam Haskel), and of course, staple detective wear—it’s not a real film noir shop without long trench coats and police badges. With over 100 Light & Noir themed texts, guests can find everything from historical books to kids’ detective stories. Even if you don’t walk out with any purchases, the design of the shop itself is well worth seeing—it’s like stepping into a film noir movie scene.

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