Lighting Design Workshop With Brendan Ravenhill

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Lighting Design Workshop With Brendan Ravenhill
Photograph: Courtesy Poketo

Miss your high school shop class? Those were the glory days. No worries—this is way better. Echo Park-based designer Brendan Ravenhill is hosting a lighting design workshop this fall, so collect your tools (optional) and don’t be late. Welcome to Lighting 101, a 20-student-only class about the basics of lighting and electricity. Feel free to BYOT (bring your own tools), if you have any (think: wire strippers, exacto knives, etc.). If not, use the Poketo-provided ones to work on switches, wires and plugs. Hopefully you’ll leave with a new brass pendant light and the skills to improve your home design. Minimalist, modern and methodical: exactly what Ravenhill’s known for. We expect you to get an A+.

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