Luna Gardens Bouquet Shop Pop Up

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Luna Gardens Bouquet Shop Pop Up
Photograph: Courtesy Luna Gardens Bouquet Luna Gardens Bouquet Shop Pop Up

Nothing like a little springtime succulence to liven up your abode—especially when the bouquets are coming from big-time event planners, Luna Gardens. For over 25 years, these flowery aficionados have grazed their green thumbs over countless blossom-filled events, from weddings to banquets to televised award ceremonies. Planting their DIY boutique in the heart of LA this May, floral-loving Angelenos can get a taste of their upcoming shop at this Saturday’s afternoon pop up. Venture out to Westlake Village Plaza at 966 S Westlake Blvd to shop vibrant chic arrangements (which you can design and create yourself), meet the founders, view demonstrations, take home giveaways, and enjoy more flowery happenings.

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