Puppet Up! Uncensored

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Puppet Up
Photograph: Michael Juliano

In case “uncensored” wasn’t enough warning, make sure you leave the kids at home for this one. Part puppet show, part improv show, “Puppet Up! Uncensored” combines top puppeteering talent with music, jokes and shenanigans. It’s not just about watching the puppets either—you’ll be mesmerized by the sheer skill of the puppeteers on full display, who are coming up with songs on the fly while manipulating puppets on stage. If you’re a Jim Henson buff, this show is not to be missed: it’s put on by Henson Alternative (the official adults-only arm of The Jim Henson Company), and you’ll see recreations of Henson classics with a twist.

The show will host a string of special performances on the historic Jim Henson Company Lot in Hollywood, formerly Charlie Chaplin’s studio.

By: Sara Fay


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