A Liar's Autobiography

A Liar's Autobiography
A sample of one of the 17 different kinds of animation used by 14 different animation studios.

Looking for a new cult classic to get you out of your Rocky Horror Picture Show rut? Come see A Liar's Autobiography, a new 3D cartoon that tells the partially true story of a gay, alcoholic, doctor/actor/comedy writer, who was whisked up into space by aliens before writing his autobiography and dying of a heart attack in 1989.

The film is based on Monty Python cast member Graham Chapman's book of the same name, which he made an audio recording of before his death 23 years ago. The recordings are combined with new ones from his other Pythons (John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam) as well as special guests like Cameron Diaz, who does the voice of Sigmund Freud. Fourteen different animation studios have each designed a different segment of the film, giving it 17 different styles of animation. Additional sound effects and video clips of Chapman were dug up for posthumous addition. Expertly edited, the film will surprise audiences with how real and lifelike the Chapman footage is. You might even say it's a bit like a time warp.



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