Things to do
Photo courtesy Aaron C

Kids from Orange County, Riverside, San Bernadino and beyond flock to this raging pool party of 1,500 to test their fate with blackjack, beer pong, the midnight cannonball and a bikini contest while resident DJ Aaron C plays pop and hip-hop-based dance tracks from his booth bathed in colorful club lights. But before you write off this Casino scene as a Jersey Shore-type meat market, know this: One of the winners in last year’s bikini contest took a prize by working the stage in board shorts and a tank top. In other words, at this party, (which is in its fourth consecutive year) it’s more about having fun and how you shake it, and less about leading with a hot bod. (Which isn’t to say that some partygoers dress down to nearly nothing—last year, a memorable group of guys were spotted donning tuxedo speedos.) An onsite photo booth documents the debauchery with insta-updates on Facebook.

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