Chef Jet Tila's Flavors of Thai Town Tour

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Chef Jet Tila's Flavors of Thai Town Tour
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman Red curry chicken at Ruen Pair

You no longer have to wallow in jealousy of Anthony Bourdain for being led by culinary experts to enjoy the best of a city's cuisine, because Melting Pot Food Tours is hosting a culinary tour of Thai Town—and the guide is none other than Thai Culinary Ambassador and honorary Thai Town mayor, Chef Jet Tila. He will be replicating his tour given to Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations, which takes place in the six-block area of East Hollywood. Reservations must be made in advance over the phone, and cost $175 per person. Accomodations can likely be made for people with dietary restriction for an additional $15. Though there may not be a camera following you around to document your reaction while biting into rich, coconut banana fritters, you will be getting an exclusive insider's tour and the opportunity to feel like a celebrity for a couple of hours.


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