Couples Counseling Killed Katie

Couples Counseling Killed Katie
Mark Roberts and Jessica Tuck.

Relationships can be difficult. Observing the dysfunctions in other people's relationships can be entertaining. See for yourself as Couples Counseling Killed Katie follows eight couples, each played by playwright/actor Mark Roberts and True Blood actress Jessica Tuck, as they sit on a therapist's sofa. Transforming themselves with wigs, costumes, and false teeth to quickly become different characters, the duo takes on a range of personalities, each with their own balance of drama and comedy.

This is the third run of Roberts' acclaimed play, which has been nominated for two Ovation Awards. During its first run, producer Chuck Lorre approached Roberts after one of the shows and hired him as a writer on Two and a Half Men, after which Roberts went on to create the hit series Mike & Mollly. The play will run Friday and Saturday evenings throughout November with a portion the proceeds going to benefit local charities like the Rogue Machine Theater Company, the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles and Grant Elementary School in Santa Monica.

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