Embroidering Neutra VDL Workshop

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Embroidering Neutra VDL Workshop
Photo courtesy Neutra VDL House

This unique-as-ever Machine Project workshop is doubly coolnot only do you get an architectural embroidery lesson from a “renegade crafter” known for stitching images of Dolly Parton, but you do it all in the landmark Neutra VDL House. Embroidery designer Jenny Hart will be your teacher for the afternoonher company Sublime Stitching touts the motto “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery,” so you know it’s gonna be a stitchin’ and bitchin’ good time for all. Engage in that quintessential of domestic pastimes while situated inside the modernist architectural masterpiece overlooking Silver Lake Reservoir. MP classes fill up quickly, so if you miss this chance you can find plenty of other quirky opportunities at their official site.

By: Danielle Nedivi

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