Grand Park’s Celebration Spectrum

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Party Mantras
Rendering courtesy the artist Party Mantras

Time Out says

Make up for a year of missed celebrations with this joyous installation in Grand Park. The free, month-long display from web radio collective dublab, artist Tanya Aguiñiga and curator Mark “Frosty” McNeill is blanketing the Downtown L.A. park in a series of five visual and audio pieces.

On the Grand Avenue end of the park, you’ll find mirrors paired with lighthearted spoken greetings and affirmations, as well as archival images of Angelenos’ past celebrations (you can submit your own photo, too). Then, by the fountain, expect to see mylar balloons that spell out familiar party mantras. Just below that, dublab has crafted a 12-hour playlist for some floating party decorations, and a little bit closer to Hill Street the trees that surround the lawn have been filled with relaxing bells and chimes.

The installation runs as part of May’s mental-health–promoting We Rise; look out for digital programs throughout the month on Grand Park’s Facebook page.



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