Make-lympics Workshop Weekend

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Molten Metal Works
Photograph: Courtesy Molten Metal Works

Get ready for a crafting experience that will put your average Pinterest DIY project to shame. Book your spot for the Make-lympics Workshop Weekend on August 23-25, when Molten Metal Works will unite four of the finest teaching shops in LA for two days of classes in glass cutting, blacksmithing, welding and woodturning. The workshop takes place over four three-hour sessions (across the four shops), culminating in a barbecue/lamp assembly party. Yes, it's true—you will be making your own artisan lamps. You'll leave the workshop with a one-of-a-kind piece, the skills of a 19th Century craftsmaster, and a gaggle of new and equally dexterous buds. The weekend will set you back $250 for both instruction and meterials. Email or check the site for logistics (what to wear, expect, etc).


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