Moonlight Rollerway Jubilee

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Moonlight Rollerway Jubilee
Photograph: Courtesy Moonlight Rollerway

Put any form of entertainment on roller skates, and it will be instantly better. A musical performance of Grease? Good. Grease on roller skates? Better. A Mozart concerto? Nice. A Mozart concerto on roller skates? Better. Which is the very logic fueling your obligation to attend Moonlight Rollerway's rolling skating spectacular on July 13. For $39 admission, you will bear witness to an evening of costumed musical acts, all on skates, starring Moonlight Rollerway’s top wheeled stars and world champs. Funny man and Americana addict Charles Phoenix will host the extravaganza, underscored by live musical stylings by Dominic Cangalosi, a.k.a, “The World’s Greatest Roller Rink Organist.” Admission also includes unlimited snack bar access, a front row seat to the show on the rink itself and skate rentals for the post-performance free skate. Fair warning—you will not leave without having done the hokey pokey. Dressing up is encouraged. Hurry and get your tickets here, before you change your mind.

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