Nourish Your Soul

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Nourish Your Soul
Photograph: Courtesy Nourish Your Soul Nourish Your Soul

Pair your Sunday morning coffee with a dose of soulful exercise, inspiring dialogue, nutritious eats, and beachside games. Led by health gurus Rachelle Tratt of The Neshama Project and Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie, local Angelenos will kick-start their day of enrichment with a 90-minute yoga class at Venice Beach’s The Yoga Collective, followed by a beach picnic lunch, carefree games, and an afternoon hike. Get exclusive discounts on all Philosophie and The Neshama Project products, as well as a Nourish E Book with over 30 superfood recipes to help turn your health kick into a lifestyle. Reserve a spot online for this relaxing afternoon escapade that’s sure to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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