OJ: The Trial of the Century Twenty Years Later

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OJ: The Trial of the Century Twenty Years Later
Photograph: Gerald Johnson

Anyone born before 1980 remembers exactly where they were during the infamous O.J. Simpson Ford Bronco police chase of 1994. And everyone remembers the murder trial that followed—an event that went viral before "viral" referred to anything but disease. The O.J. Simpson trial created an unprecedented media typhoon that inspired wild debate amongst the American public for decades. Twenty years after the event, join the Paley Center as they host law experts Laurie Levenson, Howard Weitzman and Kimberlé W. Crenshaw for a discussion of the media’s role in our country’s perception of the legal system through the lens of this transformative event in racial and social history. The panel will also include a sneak peek of Emmy-winning filmmaker Nicole Rittenmeyer's new documentary, "OJ: Trial of the Century." The event costs $15 general admission, and is open to the public.

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