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Pop-Up Magazine
Photograph: Courtesy Pop-Up Magazine

Time Out says

Pop-Up Magazine is, well, a live magazine, but we realize that probably leaves more questions than asnwers. So just know this: Pop-Up Magazine is a consistently excellent stage show and you should go every single time it’s in town.

So what is it exactly? Think This American Life with every audiovisual aspect performed live on stage. And if that means nothing to you: Pop-Up Magazine brings together eight or so writers, artists, photographers and filmmakers to premiere a story onstage set to original animation or a short movie and backed by the Magik*Magik Orchestra—with the occasional mime or medieval choir thrown into the mix.

Like a magazine, each season’s show—typically at the Theatre at Ace Hotel—sequences its segments into a similar progression: A quirky slice-of-life story to break the ice, an often-devastating mid-section and a life-affirming finale. You’re inevitably going to want to talk about some of the stories long after the evening is over, and though the actual performances aren’t recorded, Pop-Up Magazine’s after-show goodnight email will point you in the right direction to find more from each speaker.

This spring’s show includes Tracy Clayton, Kristen Radtke, Chanel Miller, Chloé Cooper Jones, Brooke Jarvis, Elena Passarello and Oscar Castillo.

Michael Juliano
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Michael Juliano


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