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Photograph: Joseph Novak

The 10 commandments of driving in LA

If thou wilt enter into LA traffic, keep the commandments—lest thou really piss someone off.


1. Thou shalt always take Fountain west of La Brea.

2. Thou shalt never pay to valet Downtown when there are flat-rate lots around the corner.

3. Thou shalt only turn up the bass if thy car has a decent sound system.

4. Thou shalt not rubberneck, even if thou sees someone famous. Move along.

5. Thou shalt always order an Uber when thou hast had too much to drink.

6. Thou shalt not steal to the front of the Stadium Way backup on game day. Not nice.

7. Thou may turn left on red, but never if thou is fourth in line.

8. Thou shalt never, ever cut off a cyclist. Ever.

9. Thou shalt always pull all the way up to the red curb when parking thy car, especially on street cleaning days.

10. Thou shalt not forget to feed thy meter in West Hollywood, lest thou wants a pricey parking ticket.

Besides not coveting our neighbor's parking spot, which commandments should be on this list? Leave us a comment below.

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