The History of Questioning Color Perception

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The History of Questioning Color Perception
Photograph: Courtesy Janke

Nerds, cancel your May 8 Scrabble tournaments and cruise down to the Machine Project for a one-night-only free talk. For your brain teasing pleasure, congnitive science and philosophy of mind specialist Professor Zed Adams will address the following commonly pondered query: "Are other people's color perceptions the same as my own?" The good doctor will discuss history's philosophical questions about the subjectivity of color experience and how these questions arose in the first place. By hashing out centuries-old developments in optics and the physiology of vision, the talk will explore a fundamental shift in how people have thought about the mind and its relation to the world. If your prefrontal cortext doesn't already hurt, the lecture is scheduled for 8pm, and is both free and open to the public.

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