The Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House

Things to do, Walks and tours
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael Juliano"ULTIMATE BUNGALOW!" sign by Jessica Cowley, part of the Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael Juliano"The Swirling Mess..." by Patrick Ballard.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoSculptures by Anna Sew Hoy.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoA painting in the upstairs guest bedroom.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoA painting by Jeff Elrod that's designed to be impossible to focus.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoSculptures of an imaginary deity and language.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoHanging tile by Cayetano Ferrer.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael JulianoPainting by Sandeep Mukherjee.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael Juliano"Objects for Plants" by Michael O'Malley.
 (Photograph: Michael Juliano)
Photograph: Michael Juliano"Gamble House Roof Sculptures" by Matthew Au.

The Gamble House's handsome Craftsman architecture is a work of art in its own right, but leave it to Machine Project to turn the Pasadena bungalow into a living installation. As part of AxS Festival 2014, the 1909 house will be furnished with contemporary paintings by California artists and play host to a number of unconventional tours, including a house flashlight-led exterior expedition, large-scale lawn architecture, a solar power workshop in the basement, a letter writing class in the attic and more—check out Machine Project's site for a full list of events. Plus, there are two open house days with free, self-guided tours (Sept. 27 and Oct. 2), as well as a family day (Oct. 5) with free admission for kids 17 and under.

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