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Time Out LA's Donut Party

Go nuts for donuts! We're throwing a sweet donut party on June 11 at Avalon, and you're all invited.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman
The Best Donuts in LA

Friends, all your donut dreams are about to come true. We're a little obsessed with the fried treat over at Time Out LA (we once ate 264 donuts to find the very best in the city), and thought it was high time that we celebrated donuts in one massive, decadent donut fest. So, uh, we're throwing a donut party. It's going to be amazing. Held at Avalon on June 11, there will be three sessions (10am-noon, 12:30-2:30pm, 3-5pm) where you can sample bites from some of LA's best donut shops, bakeries and restaurants. Try frosted, glazed and sprinkled delicacies from ICDC, DK's Donuts, Doma KitchenDonut Farm, Spudnuts Donuts and more.

Complimentary coffee from LAMILL Coffee, wine from Dark Horse Wine and cider from Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders will also be available, as will flash tats, a DJ and a raffle (raffle proceeds go toward Music Saves Lives). It's going to be the most fun you've ever had eating a donut, and we'll be noshing right along there with you.

To choose a session—and to take advantage of our Early Bird Special pricing ($24.20)—snag your tickets here.



janpaolo tastemaker

Time Out LA's Donut Party was fun! I got to try a few donuts from certain vendors I wouldn't normally go to or have heard of. I enjoyed coffee as well as some strongbow beer. Overall, it was good but not great. It could use a little more organization, since most of the booths ran out of donuts. #TOTastemaker

albert p

If you enjoy paying close to $30 to get five 1/5 of donuts, this event is for you.

Honestly, let's not call this a party.  This was more of a slap in the face. They say #GoNutsForDonuts.  Well, next time consider having more donuts before you tell me go nuts or call it a party.
This is exactly what I got.  Five 1/5 of donut from five listed vendors, two glass of wine, two ciders.  Here is an idea for your next donut event. #GoNutsForScam.
This was my first event by TimeOut, and also will be my last.
Christine H

Part of the Donut Party advertised went like this verbatim "Try frosted, glazed, and sprinkled delicacies from ICDC, DK's Donuts, Doma Kitchen, Donut Farm, Spudnuts Donuts and more. Complimentary coffee from LAMILL Coffee, wine from Dark Horse Wine and cider from Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders will also be available..." This was FALSE and misleading advertising and SO NOT WORTH the almost $30. There was EXACTLY the amount of vendors advertised and not a single more. I believe most of the money went to cheapo wine, cider, and coffee because you could actually get 2 whole servings of wine and cider each. "Complimentary" yea right! Most of that ticket money went to alcohol and I actually drank more than sampled any donut.

Also, it was ridiculous that some vendors made you choose only 1 type of donut...I thought this was a TASTING sample party. In total combining all the samples from 5 vendors, I probably got one whole donut. COMPLETE RIP OFF and NOT recommended for those thinking to attend the next Donut Party unless SIGNIFICANT improvements are made.

I overheard so many people at the event commenting my same thoughts so I am not alone in this comment. Just voicing it out loud.

Ashley J

Agreed- this event could have been so awesome. However, only getting 1/4 of a donut from two places, one mini donut, a fritter the size of a donut hole, and two halves of a donut hole was a rip off for the price. This was a great opportunity for us to sample variety a donuts from local businesses. Based on how this thing was marketed, including pictures of whole donuts and varieties that weren't featured, we expected a lot more donuts for a "donut party."

john b

Yeah, this event was a rip off. Next time, I'll just go to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Santa Monica, CA and buy a couple dozen donuts, a large Starbucks coffee carrier and have a party myself. Then invite people over, cut those donuts into 4ths and charge 25 bucks for entry. ‪#‎bigmoney‬ for me, ‪#‎ripoff‬ for guests. That being said, I did get to spend time with great friends (although we bitched about the lame event most of the time). Shame on you Time Out Los Angeles! Here's me giving you the stink eye!

Omar K

How does one get to participate in this Time Out LA Donut Party?